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Green Fashion Tour Berlin
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How many times have we dreamed of a green tour through Berlin, where besides the classical sights you also get a sense of where exactly sustainable fashion is  created and sold. Well, we’ve dreamed about it quite often and not too long ago our dream finally came true!

With Green Fashion Tours, Berlin finally has its small institution for that kind of sightseeing tours that puts sustainability in the focus. That makes a lot of sense – after all, Berlin is not only the German capital but also a real linchpin when it comes to sustainable fashion.

Green Fashion Tours was founded in 2015, by Anna, Arianna, and Mariángeles who have all had to do with sustainability issues in one way or another prior to Green Fashion Tours : Anna has founded the Fair Fashion Network Get Changed and is still in charge for various projects. Arianna co-founded the Upcycling Fashion Store together with its Upcycling Fashion Agency as well as the upcycling fashion label aluc, and thanks to her blog Hola Berlin, Mariángeles brings the necessary expertise in city tours. Since 2016, Green Fashion Tours are also part of the association Future Fashion Forward.

Co-founders Anna and Ari

The Green Fashion Tours are important and interesting for two reasons : Firstly, they are an exciting and meaningful addition to the traditional tours the city offers, and a real enrichment for everyone who is interested in sustainable fashion in any way. At the same time, they bring together groups of people who join out of curiosity, fashion agents, and professionals, creating a wonderful forum for a lively exchange of ideas – something that is quite unique!

When picking the right tour, you have the choice between the regular offer, which focuses on different parts of the city, and individual tours, where you approach the team with very specific ideas and then have a corresponding tour tailored to your needs. People who are driven by initial curiosity will feel just as comfortable as the old hands of the scene!

Stopover at fair fashion designer Wilfried Pletzinger’s shop

By foot, bike, or bus & train – everything is possible and there is hardly a tour that is like another one. What is true in terms of locomotion is also given in terms of language : the city tours can be moderated in English, German, Italian, French, or Chinese.

Important for you and your diary is the following : The next Green Fashion Tour will take place on the 17th of February. Under the title ‘Weekend Outlook Tour’, Berlin’s green fashion scene will be scrutinized in three hours – including short shopping capers, of course. Please register here if you are interested and have a lot of fun exploring Berlin in a total different way!


>>> Talking about green city tours – do you already know the Fair Fashion Finder? No? Then it really is time! The green label finder created together with Get Changed shows you exactly what you want. You can define your searches quite specificly by different filter options and get the results displayed on a map showing all relevant brands and shops. Recently, the Fair Fashion Finder got published as an app, too – for all the busy people and smartphone enthusiasts <<<

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